Can Casual Sex Turn Into a Relationship?

Learn how to date girls without using magic tricks or learning pick-up lines.


Today in his letter, a reader of my columns ask me to do a magic trick : transform a casual sex into love. Can I ?

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Why She Didn’t Call You Back

In this short video I explain why the fuck she doesn’t answer your calls and your messages, and what to do then.

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Almost every week I get a phone call or a letter on the grounds that the author – always male – seeking advice on how to get back together with his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him. Now, I can redirect this constantly reoccurring question to this article.

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starbucks opener

The Starbucks opener

Something funny you can use at Starbucks to make her laugh and start something.

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Fashion week in Paris: I met two models

Fashion week to me is like holidays to children. In this (subtitled) video I met two tall beauties.

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