How to pick-up women (by Nicolas Dolteau)

Learn how to date girls without using magic tricks or learning pick-up lines.

How to pick-up women

Learn quickly how to pick-up beautiful girls with style

by the french PUA : Nicolas Dolteau

This is the english subtitled version of my best-selling DVD in France. During 2h10 (+1h25 of bonuses) I detail my method to attract women with style.


Language : French subtitled in English
Run time : 2h44

Hi guys,

I made the product I would like to have when I first started to talk to girls.

You will find here everything you need to know to handle the first 15 minutes you spend with a girl, during day time, as well as night time. I’m a very pragmatic guy, long talks doesn’t work for me, it reminds me boring classes at school. That’s why I built my product the same way I organize a workshop, where I teach my clients on the field how to pick up women. There is 2 steps :

1) Short explanation : what you need to do and how to do it.

2) Action : I show you how to do it with infield footage.

And actually there is a third step…

3) Your turn to go in the street and bars to practice 😉

This product is for you if :

  • Your interactions last less than 2 minutes
  • You manage to take numbers but never convert them into dates
  • Women feel that you are nervous around them
  • You don’t now that you communicate with your body
  • You worry to be awkward when approaching girls
  • You don’t know how to talk about you
  • You are too shy and/or too nice
  • You don’t know how to challenge a girl


Infield footage demonstration

The first minutes of a meeting are crucial

This product describe step by step the first minutes you spend with a girl, this moments when you win or you loose points. To make it easier to understand each (concept?) the explanations are immediately followed by one or several infield footage as an examples. If you like my videos on Youtube you gonna love this movie.


Open the conversation in every situation

Day time, night time, in the street, in parcs, bars…

She is seated ? She is walking in the streets ? She is wearing headphone ? As my students you can learn how to seduce a girl in every circonstances. You won’t have (false) excuses anymore no to talk to her.


Teaching with my female friend Ineska

I demonstrate my techniques step by step on a pretty girl

Nicolas Dolteau a invitĂ© une ravissante complice pour l’assister dans ses explications. Nicolas et Ineska vous dĂ©taillent les erreurs commises par 90% des Ă©lĂšves, et vous montrent ce qui fonctionne. DĂ©couvrez les petits dĂ©tails non-rĂ©vĂ©lĂ©s par Nicolas sur YouTube et qui sont le secret de son attitude dĂ©contractĂ©e et naturelle auprĂšs des femmes.


The good bodylanguage

Know what your body says

If a girl don’t listen to you and start running away in the very first seconds without knowing you, your body language may be the problem and disqualify you even before you talk. Take advantage of my years of practice and teaching infield and stop being rejected because of your gesture.


Control the conversation

It’s your duty to drive the conversation where you want it to go

“What do I say next ?”
You need conversation to create willing to see you again in front a cup of coffee or in a date. Learn how to establish a feeling of trust, a chill vibe and challenge for her to chase you.

Summary of this product :

  • How to open a conversation with a girl
  • The good state of mind
  • Mechanic of an opener : how to build it from nothing
  • The good distance between you and her
  • Being spontaneous
  • Position of your body
  • Watch your hands
  • Don’t be an intruder
  • She says she has a boyfriend
  • What to do with your arms
  • Seated girls
  • Be honest
  • Walking girls
  • Day game VS night game
  • Excuses
  • The good attitude in a bar
  • Non-verbal communication
  • What if she don’t invest ?
  • Manage the blanks in a conversation
  • Your reality
  • Manage the transition and make the conversation start
  • Knowing when interest in ON
  • Names, how to use them
  • What do you do for a living ?
  • Conversation and storytelling
  • Play the extremes
  • You + Me = Us
  • Lower her value
  • Language & emotions
  • initiate physical contact
  • Take her number

And there is more, scroll down…



MORE INFIELD FOOTAGE ! First, this interaction with a very lovely south-american girl who is visiting Paris. In this first uncut video you can see me opener the conversation, practice a perfectly relaxed body language and get her number.


Perhaps you’ve seen this famous video of me picking-up this swedish model, and as many people you wish it wasn’t edited. Lucky you, I found in my archives the ENTIRE DATE we had. This is for you guys, enjoy.