Upgrade your style : You v2.0

Learn how to date girls without using magic tricks or learning pick-up lines.

Upgrade your style : You v2.0

You must be foolish if you think that style doesn’t matter. When a girl first sees you, she tries to guess if the two of you would match on a picture, or in front of her friends, family, co-workers, people. There’s only two options : YES, and NO. And NO (unless you are veeeery good) means game-over. If she cares about her style, you’d better care about yours. Hey, Cary Grant and James Bond didn’t wear flip-flops !

Sometimes, during my workshop, when style is a big issue I use my skill of personal shopper to make my client look better. This is what I do, who do you think she would date, Mr Before or Mr After ?






  1. Christian

    Hey mate, congratulations for your new website !

  2. Jerry Flanders

    Can you show us others kind of good styles?

    • Nicolas Dolteau

      Sure, I will. Like I will add new contents here very soon : quality videos unseen on youtube, my DVD coming with subs, etc. See you soon Jerry.

  3. Raz

    Hey Nicolas,

    Can you please post the items on here, the leather jacket is just stunning.


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